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130/ See Skinsnes, Evolution of Hawaii's Leprosy Control Program; and, Hanley and Bushnell.

131/ Kalaupapa National Park Advisory Commission Report (1980).

132/ Skinsnes, Evolution of Hawaii's Leprosy Control Program.

133/ See Judd.

134/ Ibid.

135/ Ibid.

136/ See Bushnell, A History of Infectious Diseases in Hawaii; Judd; and, Blaisdell, "History of Medicine in Hawaii."

137/ Personal Communication to Dr. Blaisdell from W. Sakai, Waimano Training School and Hospital Administrator (February, 1983).

138/ Lee and Russell.

139/ Ibid.

140/ Ibid.

141/ See Liberman; and, Lee and Russell.

142/ See Judd.

143/ Personal Communication to Dr. Blaisdell from B. B. C. Young, University of Hawaii Medical School, Dean of Students (February 1983).

144/ The Commission also received two other papers that deal, in whole or in part, with the mental health of native Hawaiians; both were written at the direction of and funded by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. They are: (1) Richard Kekuni Blaisdell, M.D., "Health Section of Native Hawaiians Study Commission Report" (see, particularly, pages 34-37); and (2) Ramon Lopez-Reyes, "The Demise of the Hawaiian Kingdom: Its Psycho-Cultural Impact and Moral Legacy." Both papers appear in their entirety, in the Appendix of this Report.

145/ See Appendix for comment received from Hale Ola o Ho'opakolea, p. 2.

146/ Ibid.

147/ Ibid.

148/ Ibid.

149/ Ibid.

150/ According to comments received from the Hale Ola Project/ the clinic operated on the Wai'anae Coast of Oahu "was noted for its inability to adequately meet the mental health care needs of native Hawaiians on the Coast. This problem was largely due to the insensitivity of clinic staff to the unique manner in which native Hawaiian clients identified, communicated and sought to resolve their problems" (p. 3).

151/ Dept. of Health, Annual Report, 1980, p. 9. For a detailed discussion of this survey, see preceding chapter, "Demographics," pages 57 to 59.

152/ The information on this program is drawn from comments received by the Commission from the Hale Ola Project staff, pp. 3-5.

153/ Ibid., p. 3.

154/ Information on this program supplied by Commissioner Carl Anderson, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; and in written testimony submitted to the Commission on January 10, 1982, by George Osakoda,


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