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Information System that provide data on the ethnic background of students. The study found that:

...Hawaiians and Filipinos are...underrepresented in the applicant pool as well as the student population close to or above their proportional representation in the applicant pool. The only ethnic group significantly below the applicant pool prediction is Caucasian, and this is likely due to the fact that the majority of mainland applicants are Caucasians, and non-resident applicants are significantly less likely than residents to actually enroll. The important aspect of this comparison, however, is that it does not show any evidence of discrimination or bias against Hawaiians or Filipinos in the admissions process. These ethnic groups are underrepresented in the student population primarily because a smaller proportion of their members apply for admission than is the case for other groups. The root causes of this must be sought in social conditions and individual attitudes that are operative prior to the potential college experience...significant gains in representation can only be expected if potential students are reached in their pre-college years (page 2, emphasis in original).

45/ Comment from Donnis H. Thompson, Superintendent, State of Hawaii Department of Education, p. 2. This comment also reflects the results of the study documented in footnote 44, above.


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