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develop expertise in the disciplines of history, architectural history, archeology, and historical architecture, on the State staff and State Review Board. Nominations are prepared under the supervision of the State Historic Preservation Officer and his or her professional staff in accordance with the approved State historic preservation plan.

The State Historic Preservation Officer submits nominations to the State Review Board where they are reviewed and a recommendation concerning whether or not the property meets the National Register criteria for evaluation is made. The State Historic Preservation Officer again reviews the nomination after its consideration by the Review Board, signs it, and forwards it to the National Park Service.

As part of the nomination process, the State is required to notify in writing the property owner(s) of the State's intent to bring the nomination before the State Review Board. Upon notification, any owner or owners of a private property who wish to object to listing the property in the National Register can submit a statement to that effect to the State Historic Preservation Officer. If the sole owner of a property (or a majority of owners in the case of multiple ownership) object to the listing, the property will not be listed in the National Register. Rather, if the nomination is subsequently submitted by the State Historic Preservation Officer, the Keeper of the National Register will make only a determination of eligibility. Once the objection of the owners is lifted, the property will be automatically listed on the National Register.

Nomination may also be made by individuals and organizations by submitting an adequately documented National Register nomination form to the State Historic Preservation Officer (or Federal Preservation Officer). If the nomination form is in order and if the property appears to meet the National Register's criteria for evaluation, the nomination must be scheduled for presentation at the earliest possible State Review Board meeting. This scheduling must take into account, however, the State's established priorities for nomination.

Federal Agency Nomination Process: The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 requires each Federal agency to establish a program to locate, inventory, and nominate to the Secretary of the Interior all properties under the agency's ownership or control that appear to qualify for inclusion on the National Register. In addition, Executive Order 11593 provides that Federal agencies shall locate, inventory, and nominate to the Secretary of the Interior all sites, buildings, districts, and objects under their jurisdiction or control that appear to qualify for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Nomination forms are prepared under the supervision of the Federal Preservation Officer designated by the head of each Federal Agency. Completed nominations are submitted to the appropriate State Historic Preservation Officer for review and, comment regarding the adequacy of the nomination, the significance of the property, and its eligibility for the National Register. The chief elected local officials of the county in which


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