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contrast to the view of Hawaiians of archaeologic sites as areas of cultural and religious significance. Insufficient concern is exhibited at all levels of government to the views and opinions of Hawaiians about archaeologic sites. The very structure of the mechanisms designed to protect sites which meet Western criteria of significance, neglect sites significant to Hawaiians which don't meet these criteria...Sites without significant research value or which do not meet the historic criteria are ineligible for protection [by the National Register of Historic Places]. A sacred site of extreme importance to Hawaiians may quite easily be ineligible for protection. Mechanisms must be designed to protect sites of this type. 43/

The most publicized problem of historic preservation in Hawaii, however, involves the island of Kahoolawe. 44/ The U.S. Navy continues to utilize the island as a target for bombing practice, even though it is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Several years ago native Hawaiian groups began protesting the bombing of Kahoolawe because it is regarded as sacred and contains numerous archaeological sites. At present, the U.S. Navy does allow native Hawaiian groups access to the island on a limited basis.


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