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the authority which I claim as the constitutional sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands. 198/

By thus phrasing her protest, yielding to the United States rather than to the Provisional Government, Liliuokalani had left open a door by which she might regain her kingdom. She nearly succeeded.

During the next two weeks, the Provisional Government worked to solidify its position. A commission was sent to Washington to request annexation. At the same time, a commission was sent by the queen to request a delay in any action until investigations could be made into the events of her overthrow.

Although Honolulu was apparently peaceful during the last days of January, rumors of counter-revolt were rife in the city. The Provisional Government's small military force would clearly not be effective against any major uprising. Consequently, on January 31, a formal request was made to Stevens to extend protection to the government pending negotiations in Washington. Stevens promptly complied. On February 1, 1893, the following order was given to Captain Wiltse of the Boston:

The Provisional Government of the Hawaiian Islands having duly and officially expressed to the undersigned, the fear that said Government may be unable to protect life and property, and to prevent civil disorder in Honolulu, the Capital of said Hawaiian Islands, requests that the flag of the United States may be raised, for the protection of the Hawaiian Islands, and to that end confer on the United States, through the undersigned, freedom of occupation of the public building of the Hawaiian Government and the soil of the Hawaiian Islands, so far as say be necessary for the exercise of such protection, but not interfering with the administration of the public affairs, by said Provisional Government.
I hereby ask you to comply with the spirit and terms of the request of the Hawaiian Provisional Government, and to that end to use all the force at your Command, in the exercise of your best judgment and discretion, you and myself awaiting instructions from the United States Government at Washington. 199/

Accordingly, that same day the American flag was raised over the Government Building and custody of the building was given over to U.S. Marines.

Stevens' actions were accepted up to a point by the State Department: "So far as your course accords to the de facto sovereign government the material co-operation of the United States for the maintenance of good order and protection of life and property from apprehended disorder, it is commended; but so far as it may appear to overstep that limit by setting the authority of the United States above that of the Hawaiian Government, in the capacity of Protectors, or to impair the independent sovereignty of that government by substituting the flag and power of the United States, it is disavowed." 200/

The Blount and Morgan Reports

There were no changes in the state of affairs until April 1 when Representative James Blount arrived at the islands on a fact-finding commission. Blount was under instructions from President Cleveland to investigate fully all aspects of the events that had taken place. As Stevens' role was under investigation, he was superseded


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