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4. In the Department of Health and Human Services, programs for native Hawaiians under the Administration for Native Americans, including financial assistance, training and technical assistance, and research, demonstration and evaluation; Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration project grant and information programs; Maternity and Child Health Program; Head Start.

5. In the Department of Housing and Urban Development, programs to assist native Hawaiians in obtaining adequate housing, including guaranteed/insured housing loans, interest reduction programs, mortgage insurance, home improvement programs, guaranteed/insured loans for rental units, and housing programs for the handicapped and elderly.

The Commission also supports legislation pending in the U.S. Congress that would change the National Housing Act to allow FHA single family mortgage insurance to be extended to lands administered by the Hawaiian Homes Commission for the use and benefit of native Hawaiians, without regard to limitations regarding marketability of title.

6. In the Department of Agriculture, rural housing and farm operating loans from the Farmers Home Administration for Hawaiian Home lands.

7. In the National Institutes of Health, programs dealing with heart disease of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; grants and contracts relating to cancer, funded by the National Cancer Institute; other programs in NIH that address the special health problems of native Hawaiians, such as infant mortality.

8. In the Department of the Interior, programs in the area of historic preservation, and educational/cultural programs in conjunction with National Parks and Monuments in Hawaii.

9. The Federal Property Review Board should continue to consider the unique needs of native Hawaiians when property use is reviewed and when disposition of surplus federal property is considered.


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