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Transmittal Memorandum, Dated September 8, 1982

To: Secretary

From: Inspector General

Subject: Audit Report, "Review of Hawaiian Homes Commission Act Programs Operated by Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, State of Hawaii"

This report, in response to the request of February 1982, contains the results of our review of selected aspects of the Hawaiian Homes Commission programs operated by the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL), State of Hawaii.

The report discusses problems concerning status of the Hawaiian Home lands, program accomplishment, financial management, applicant eligibility lists and leasing activities.

We are recommending actions to be taken by the DHHL to resolve the immediate problems or other matters discussed in the report where we believe that positive action is both necessary and feasible regardless of basic long-term program decisions. We have not generally addressed basic issues such as (1) solutions to the problems of money or other resources for carrying out Home lands program objectives, (2) whether any changes should be made in the program policies in order to achieve program objectives in an accelerated manner, or (3) the appropriate role, if any, to be played by the Federal establishment, specifically the Department of the Interior, in accomplishing the purposes of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, 1920, as amended.

The Governor of the State of Hawaii, in his August 4, 1982 letter commenting on the draft of this report, generally agreed with the problems addressed. However, the Governor commented that the basic and essential issue of whether the Department of the Interior has adequately executed its trust responsibilities was not addressed. The complete text of the Governor's comments are included as an appendix to this report.

We agree with the Governor's assessment and his proposal that the issues relative to the responsibilities of the Federal establishment, including the Department of the Interior, should be addressed by the recently created Federal-State Task Force on the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act. We further believe that the problems identified in the report are matters that should also be redressed by the Task Force.

Based on comments from the Secretary's Office, we understand that the Federal-State Task Force will be in existence for six months and will analyze and address each issue raised in our report.

We would be pleased to provide any additional information you or the Task Force may need. We understand that the Task Force will be using our report as input to their study and may incorporate our results in their overall Task Force report. Consequently, we are not including this special report in our normal follow-up system, but we would appreciate being apprised on the Task Force actions.

(signed) Richard Mulberry


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