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Abbreviations and Acronyms

Act - Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, 1920, as amended, which was enacted to enable native Hawaiians (descendants of not less than one-half part blood of the races inhabiting the Hawaiian Islands previous to 1778) to recapture possession and control some of the public lands of the Territory of Hawaii as homesteads.

Commission - Hawaiian Homes Commission, composed of eight members appointed to 4-year terms by the Governor, formulates policy and exercises control over the functions of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. In addition to the Chairman, three commissioners are to be residents of the island of Oahu and one commissioner will be from each of the islands of Molokai, Maui, Hawaii, and Kauai. At least four of the Commissioners are required to be not less than one-fourth Hawaiian.

DHHL - Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, the State of Hawaii agency responsible for administration and operation of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act programs.

DLNR - Department of Land and Natural Resources, the State of Hawaii agency responsible for administration of State public lands. Prior to 1966 this agency was responsible for the administration of Home lands which were not needed for homesteading purposes.

GEO's - Governor's Executive Orders.

Home lands - Hawaiian Home lands set aside by the Act for homesteading.


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