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totaling 456 acres as Home lands that were not included in the blue book.
6. There are Home lands which have been withdrawn from use by DHHL under various Governor's Executive Orders. As discussed in detail elsewhere in this report, the Attorney General and the courts have ruled that the Governor's Executive Order powers do not apply to Home lands; therefore, the withdrawals were not legal. The Akinaka Study and the DHHL blue book have excluded some of the acreage covered by Executive Orders. For example, 1,356 acres set aside by Executive Orders 382 on January 21, 1930 and 599 on December 22, 1933, are not included in either the Akinaka Study or the DHHL blue book. These lands in Lualualei, on the island of Oahu, are used by the United States Navy as part of radio transmitting station and an ammunition depot.
7. The Akinaka Study included 40 acres in Kealakehe and 48 acres in Milolii which represented acreage to be obtained in an exchange that was never consummated.
8. The tax maps show three parcels of land totaling approximately 148 acres of State of Hawaii lands. According to a Deputy Attorney General it appears that the parcels should be Home lands. The parcels were returned to the control of the Commissioner of Public Lands of the Territory of Hawaii to be used for the Molokai Airport under Hawaiian Homes Commission Resolution 61, October 12, 383 1938, and Resolution 77, May 13, 1942. The parcels were not included in the DHHL blue book inventory of public lands.
9. One parcel of Home lands is now under private ownership and no lands were received by the Commission in exchange. The land consisting of 8 acres was withdrawn under Governor's Executive Order 545 for a tree nursery and forest ranger station. Then in 1947, the Territory Board of Public Lands included the land in a larger parcel of land exchanged for private-owned land to be included in the Kohala Forest Reserve. The DHHL land records do not include the exchanged lands in the Home lands inventory.
10. The Act's use of the term "more or less" has created problems. For Home lands in an area where the acreage received by DHHL was less than the acreage provided by the Act no adjustment was made. To illustrate, in the area of Kalaupapa on the island of Molokai, DHHL received only 1,247 of the 5,000 acres "more or less" mentioned in the Act because the area contained only this amount of acreage. On the other hand, when the available acreage was more than the acreage mentioned in the Act, such as was the case in the Kawaihae I area on the island of Hawaii, DHHL did not receive the benefit of all of the acreage in excess of the Act amount. For the Kawaihae I area, DHHL was informed by the Attorney General in a July 19, 1966 memorandum that because the area of Kawaihae I

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