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4. Corrections to Draft Report Information

In the table on page 15, in the fourth column under "Congressional additions" the 402 acres listed on Molokai should be on Kauai; -0- would be the correct figure for Molokai. These changes affect the last column, "Adjusted Act Total." Kauai's total should be 22,948; Molokai's total should read 34,980.*/

In the table on page 18, the correct Akinaka Study Acreage for Hawaii; Kamoku-Kapulena should be 3,509 rather than 4,725 which would adjust the acreage difference from 275 to 1,491. The 4,725 acres as it reads in the draft report included 1,216 acres for a land exchange that should not have been included here.*/

In addition, a last example should be included in the following manner on this table:

Island: Area: Acre Per Act: Kauai Moloaa 2,000 Akinaka Study Acreage: 316 Differences: 1,684

On page 19, number 2., "The Akinaka Study did not include...," the figure should read 699 acres, not 670 as stated.*/

Program Accomplishments

1. Background

Finding: 1975 DHHL General Plan goals are not being achieved (page 31).

Comment: The DHHL General Plan is a policy document that indicates general directions to be pursued. The General Plan is further refined by Development Plans, detailed design and engineering plans, and Program Plans. Implementation is tied to several factors, including the availability of funds. The General Plan reflects the favorable economic conditions of the early 1970's. It does not reflect the 1978 State spending limit and its impact on State allocations of General Obligation Bond funds to DHHL, the impact of inflation or the reduction in the rate of revenue increases to the State and DHHL due to the sluggish economic conditions.

DHHL recognizes the need to re-examine the General Plan based on new information, projections, and recent amendments to the HHCA. Work on technical studies to support this effort is scheduled within the next two years.

At the time this audit was being conducted, five Development Plans were in process for the areas of Kawaihae and Puukapu (Hawaii), Kalamaula (Molokai), Kula (Maui), and Nanakuli (Oahu). Development Plans identify the highest and best uses for DHHL lands, total costs, and phases of development. These documents are used to justify requests for capital improvement project funds from the State legislature, as well as for internal planning and management purposes.

*/ [Inspector General's] Report corrected.


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