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conducting needs assessment and long-range planning to becoming a primary mechanism for social and economic development in the native Hawaiian communities. Alu Like currently administers semi-autonomous multi-service island Centers on Oahu, Molokai, Maui, Lanai, Kauai, and Hawaii. It provides technical assistance to community organizations and individuals on a broad range of social and economic endeavors.
  • The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) is an independent agency of the State executive branch yet given the status of an agency in State government with the authority to work with various levels of government. The purpose of the grant to OHA is to establish community mechanisms for accessing human services, and to establish linkages between Hawaiians and servicing agencies. This human services management effort includes a centralized inventory of available agencies providing services to native Hawaiians as well as the identification of service gaps.

Employment Training

Employment and Training—Indians and Native Americans (17.234)

Employment and Training Administration, Department of Labor.

Objectives: To reduce the economic disadvantages among Indians and others of Native American descent [including native Hawaiians] and to advance the economic and social development of such people in accordance with their goals and life styles. [Funds may be utilized fcr employment and training programs and services, including institutional training, on-the-job training, public service employment, work experience, youth employment programs, day care, health care, job search, and relocation and transportation allowances designed to aid the beneficiary to obtain and retain employment.]

Types of Assistance: State will receive 3.3 percent of total amount of block grant for this purpose (above the block grant amount).

Housing: Homebuying/Ownership

Low to Moderate Income Housing Loans (Section 502 Rural Housing Loans) (10.410)

Farmers Home Administration, Department of Agriculture.

Objectives: To assist rural families to obtain decent, safe, and sanitary dwellings and related facilities. (Loans may be used: for construction, repair or purchase of housing; to provide necessary and adequate sewage disposal facilities; for water supply for the applicant and his family; for weatherization; to purchase or install essential equipment which upon installation become part of the real estate; and to buy a site on which to place a dwelling for applicant's own use.)

Types of Assistance: Guaranteed/Insured loans.

Interest Reduction—Homes for Lower Income Families (14.105)

Housing, Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Objectives: To make homeownership more readily available to lower income families by providing interest


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