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hanai: Foster child, adopted child...

hanu: To breathe, smell, sniff; breath, respiration; the last breath of life...

haole: White person, American, Englishman, Caucasian; formerly, any foreigner.

hapa haole: Part-white...

heiau: Pre-Christian place of worship; some heiau were elaborately constructed stone platforms, others simple earth terraces.

heiau ho'ola: Heiau for treating sick.

heiau po'okanaka: Heiau where human sacrifices were offered.

hiohio: 1) To whistle softly; to blow softly; to draw in the breath as of one eating hot food. 2) Gibberish; to jabber. 3) Lure for trolling, said to be named for its whistling sound tripping over the water.

ho'ike: To show, exhibit.

ho'olono: To listen, hear, obey, obedient.

ho'opapa: (a) To touch repeatedly; to feel, as a blind person; a contest in wit or strength; to hold such a contest; repartee...

ho'oulu: To grow (trans.), sprout, cause to increase, as the surf...2) Possessed by a spirit; inspired by a spirit, god, ideal, person; stirred, excited; to enter in and inspire...

'ie'ie: 1) An endemic woody, branching climber (Freycinetia arborea) growing luxuriantly in forests at altitudes of about 1,500 feet...2) A native variety of taro, with leaf blades and flowers suggesting 'ie'ie, 1; the leaves are dark and glossy, the petioles reddish with yellow-green stripes.

'ili: ...5) Land section, next in importance to ahupua'a and usually a subdivision of an ahupua'a.

'ili kupono: A nearly independent 'ili land division within an ahupua'a, paying tribute to the king and not to the chief of the ahupua'a. Transfer of the ahupua'a from one chief to another did not include the 'ili kupono located within its boundaries.

ilo: ...2) Young shoot; to germinate, sprout.

'ino: Wicked; immoral, sinful; sin.

ipu: The bottle gourd...Hawaiians have long used gourds as receptacles, small gourds with thin walls to hold water or food, or for rattles for dances (the ipu has a fine tone, halfway between that of niu and la'amia), larger ones with thin to thick walls to hold tapa and other articles or to serve as drums...

kahako: Steep, sheer.

kahu akua: One who takes care of an image or god; priest.

kahuna: Priest, minister, sorcerer, expert in any profession; to act as priest or expert.

kahuna lapa'au: Medical doctor, medical practitioner. Lit., curing expert.

kaikua'ana: Older sibling or cousin of the same sex; sibling or cousin of the same sex of the senior line, whether older or younger.

kama'aina: Native-born, one born in a place, host; native plant; acquainted, familiar...


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