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pu: 1) Large triton conch shell (Charonia tritonis); any wind instrument, as horn, trumpet, cornet...2) Gun, pistol...

pu'uhonua: Place of refuge, asylum, place of peace and safety.

uakoko: 1) A low-lying rainbow. Lit., blood ram. 2) A rain so heavy that it turns stream waters red-brown with the wash of the hillside...

'uhane: Soul, spirit, ghost; dirge or song of lamentation (rare); spiritual.

'ukeke: A variety of musical bow, fifteen inches to two feet long and about an inch and a half wide, with two or commonly three strings drawn through holes at one end. The strings were strummed. According to Roberts...the old experts made no sound with the vocal cords, but the mouth cavity acted as a resonance chamber. The resulting sound suggested speech and trained persons could understand.

uluwehi: Lush and beautiful verdure; a place where beautiful plants thrive; festively adorned.

unu: ...2) Altar, especially a crude one for fishermen or for the god Lono...

wahine: Woman, lady, wife; sister-in-law, female cousin-in-law of a man, queen in a deck of cards; womanliness, female, femininity; feminine; Mrs.; to have or obtain a wahine; to become a woman, as an adolescent...

wao: A general term for inland region, usually not precipitous and often uninhabited.

wehi: Decoration, adornment; to decorate.


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