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Written Comments Received By Native Hawaiians Study Commission *


Keith A. Abe

John Agard

Louis Agard (November 22, 1982)

Louis Agard (January 24, 1983)

Joshua C. Agsalud (Hawaii State Department of Labor and Industrial Relations)

The Rev. Abraham K. Akaka

Daniel K. Akaka (Member of Congress)

Moanikeala Akaka

Pualani Akaka-Kallstrom

Herbert Jay (Nahaolelua) Almeida

Mrs. Beatrice Kulia-Ika-Nuu Anderson

George R. Ariyoshi (Governor, State of Hawaii)

Lloyd Aubry (U.S. Department of Labor)

Richard Kekuni Blaisdell, MD (January 12, 1983)

Richard Kekuni Blaisdell, MD (for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs)

Thomas A. Burch, MD (Hawaii State Department of Health)

Kenneth C. "Keneke" Chan

Colonel Arthur B. Chun

Charles G. Clark (Hawaii State Department of Health)

M. Ho'oipo DeCambra

Vicki Elmer (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development)

K. Hakakona

John J. Hall

Patrick W. Hanifin

Cecil Heftel (Member of Congress)

Ralph L. Heidenreich

Bud Henry

John Dominis Holt

Mrs. Violet Ku'ulei Ihara

Daniel K. Inouye (U.S. Senator)

Rubellite K. Johnson (for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs)

Georgette Kala

Bill Kama

Clarence K. Kamai

Kawehi Kanui-Gill

Joseph G. Kealoha, Jr. (Office of Hawaiian Affairs)

Gard Kealoha

H. K. Bruss Keppeler and Allen W. Woodell

*/ All written comments received by the Commission appear in the following pages, in alphabetical order as listed here.


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