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1/ State of Hawaii, Office of the Governor, "Fact Sheet," April, 1981.

2/ As noted in the text, the Native Hawaiians Study Commission utilized data from a variety of sources. It was hoped, when the Commission began its work, that all 1980 Census data would be available to it before the statutory submission deadline for its Final Report. In fact, some U.S. 1980 Census data was made available by the Bureau of the Census via a special tabulation completed for the Commission (see "Housing" chapter). However, due to technical problems with the 1980 Census, the publication date for the more detailed information (by State and by ethnic group) was not available to the Commission before the printing deadline for the Commission's Final Report. However, in anticipation of this problem and as a result of comments received by the Commission on its Draft Report, the data that do appear in this Final Report are the most recent availabie--whether from State or Federal sources. A comparison of the historical trends in the text and the most recent data (most only 3 to 5 years old) available suggest that these trends could be expected to continue, even if 1980 Census data were available. As a summary, the following list presents the subject areas for which statistical data appear in this Final Report, and the latest year for which information was available to the Commission. With one exception, none of the data is dated before 1975, and two-thirds of the statistics are dated at least 1980. The areas where statistical data for native Hawaiians are presented are as follows:

Population 1980 Age/sex statistics 1980 Education 1977 --Educational workforce 1980 --U. of Hawaii enrollment 1982 Employment status 1975 Occupation status 1975 Income 1977 Poverty level 1975 Welfare 1982 Criminal justice 1981 Health --infant mortality rates 1980 --characteristics of births 1980 --life expectancy 1970 --leading causes of death 1980 --incidence of cancer 1973-80 --acute conditions 1980 --chronic conditions 1980 --substance abuse 1979 Interracial marriages 1980-81 Housing characterists 1980

3/ Robert C. Schinitt, Demographic Statistics of Hawaii 1778-1965 (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1968). Robert C. Schmitt reviewed the Commission's Draft Report, made several comments on corrections (all of which were incorporated) and noted that: "Notwithstanding these errors, the demographic, statistical, and historical aspects of the study have been handled reasonably well, reflecting a satisfactory degree of competence and objectivity" (p. 3). Another comment received by the Commission disputes the relevance of the statistical section of the study. Congressman Cecil Heftel states:

Similarly the statistical compilations of the draft may have some uses but do not describe or define Hawaiians. To judge Hawaiians today in juxtaposition with their contemporaries may locate them, on

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