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24/ Quote in comment received by the Commission from Haunani-Kay Trask, et al., p. 6.

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32/ Comment by Violet Ku'ulei Ihara.

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36/ Ibid., p. 2.

37/ Ibid., pp. 1-2. This paragraph added to Final Report as a result of comments received from Congressman Daniel Akaka, p. 4.

38/ Revised from Draft Report at suggestion of comments from Haunani- Kay Trask, et al, p. 6.

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40/ Ibid., p. 67.

41/ Ibid.

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45/ Ibid.

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51/ Attachments to letter sent from Lloyd Aubry, Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Policy, Evaluation and Research, U.S. Department of Labor, to Carl A. Anderson, Commissioner, Native Hawaiians Study Commission (April 1982). Note: Hawaii Data Book, p. 255, gives State rate of 10.3 percent for 1976.

A comment received by the Commission from Louis Agard notes that this relatively low unemployment rate for


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