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116/ Daws, p. 294. The above section on votinq requirements in the Republic of Hawaii was extensively revised in response to comments by Congressman Daniel Akaka (p. 4) and Haunani-Kay Trask, et al (p. 8).

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119/ Comment by Herbert Jay (Nahaolelua) Almeida says that: "The report fails to recognize that ethnic bloc voting has had an impact on politics in Hawaii. The AJA (Americans of Japanese Ancestry) population, for instance, was a significant factor in the 1963 Gubernatorial race results (See To Catch a Wave)" [p. 2). Haunani-Kay Trask notes that to say that candidates for political office are not helped by appealing to ethnic groups is "a falsehood since elections are constantly characterized by ethnic appeals; in modern Hawaii these appeals have been to the growing Japanese electorate" (pp. 8-9).

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