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  • Expanding the Hawaiian Studies Program to meet the goal of promoting the opportunity for all age groups to study Hawaiian culture, history, and language in public schools.
  • Establishing a clearinghouse, perhaps under the auspices of the University of Hawaii, to provide information on financial aid available to prospective college students from Federal and State Governments, and from private individuals and organizations; and to make this information available to high schools throughout the State.
  • Making sure that Federal programs for vocational training funded through block grants are targeted to groups most in need, including native Hawaiians.

2. In the area of health, appropriate private, local, and State organizations should consider:

  • Systematically collecting, recording, and analyzing critical health data on Hawaiians for use in specific health benefit programs.
  • Including a specific focus on the special needs of native Hawaiians in nutrition education programs (Federally and State-funded) for children and adults.
  • Using the clearinghouse organization suggested in number 5 below to assist organizations in applying for Federal grants to tailor nutritional information specifically to the native Hawaiians and their lifestyle.
  • Initiating efforts to ensure that information on specific Federal programs (for example, supplemental food program for women, infants, and children) is disseminated through native Hawaiian organizations, and recruit eligible native Hawaiians to participate in these programs.
  • Ensuring that a fair share of Federal block grant monies are directed toward alleviating specific health problems, including those of concern to native Hawaiians, such as infant mortality and child and maternal care.

3. In the area of housing, appropriate private, local, aid State organizations should consider:

  • Instituting efforts to disseminate information on federal housing programs to native Hawaiians.
  • Assisting individuals and builders in applying for these programs.

4. In the area of culture, appropriate private, local, and State organizations should consider:

  • Giving higher priority to native Hawaiian sites in considering nominations for the National Register of Historic Places; activating the State Historic reservation Plan and revising, in consultation with native Hawaiians, the plan in an effort to ensure protection of ancient Hawaiian artifacts and sites.