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  • Public Law 96-565-Dec. 22, 1980

SEC. 301. This title may be cited as the "Native Hawaiians Study Commission Act". NATIVE HAWAIIANS STUDY COMMISSION SEC. 302. There is hereby established the Native Hawaiians Study Commission (hereinafter in this title referred to as the "Commission"). (b) The Commission shall be composed of nine members appointed by the President. Not more than three of such members shall be residents of the State of Hawaii. (c) The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Commission shall be designated by the President at the time of appointment. (d) Vacancies in the membership of the Commission shall not affect the powers of the remaining members to execute the functions of the Commission and shall be filled in the same manner in which the original appointments were made. (e) The President shall call the first meeting of the Commission not more than ninety days after the date of the enactment of this title. (f) Five members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum, but a smaller number specified by the Commission may conduct hearings. (g) Each member of the Commission shall receive $100 for each day such member is engaged in performing the duties of the Commission, except that members of the Commission who are full time officers or employees of the United States shall receive no additional pay on account of their service on the Commission other than official travel expenses. (h) While away from their homes or regular places of business in the performance of services for the Commission, members of the Commission (including members who are fulltine officers or employees of the United States) shall be allowed travel expenses, including per diem, in lieu of subsistence, in the same manner as persons employed intermittently in the Government service are allowed expenses under section 5703 of title 5, United States Code. (i) Subject to such rules and regulations as may be adopted by the Commission, the Chairman may-- (1) appoint and fix the compensation of an executive director, a general counsel, and such additional staff as he deems necessary, without regard to the provisions of title 5, United States Code, governing appointments in the competitive service, and without regard to chapter 51 and subchapter III of chapter 53 of such title relating to classification and General Schedule pay rates, but at rates not in excess of the maximum rate of pay in effect from time to time for grade GS-18 of the General Schedule under section 53 32 of such title; and (2) procure temporary and intermittent services to the same extent as is authorized by section 3109 of title 5, United States Code, but at rates not to exceed $100 a day for individuals. (j) Subject to section 552a of title 5, United States Code, the Commission may secure directly from any department or agency of the United States information necessary to enable it to carry out this title. Upon request of the Chairman of the Commission* the head of such department or agency shall furnish such information to the Commission. 480