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S.147/H.R.309 Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, the “Akaka bill,” is expected to reach the Senate floor for amendment, debate and vote this year.

Hawaii on the chopping block: Will your state be next?

Statehood - 1959

  • Hawaii achieves its long-sought goal, becomes 50th state, permanently joins the Union.
  • The Constitution of the United States “Looks to an indestructible union, composed of indestructible states.” Texas v. White, 7 Wallace 700 (1869).

The Promise of Statehood

  • 1959 Admission Act
    • §1. “Accepts, ratifies & confirms” HI Constitution;
    • §2. State boundaries – State of HI shall consist of all Islands, reefs & territorial waters;
    • §3. State Const shall always be republican in form & not repugnant to US Const & Dec of Independence.
  • 1959 Voters of Hawaii decisively approve
    • 94.3% Yes for Statehood;
    • 94.5% Yes for State boundaries.
  • U.S. Constitution, Art. IV, §4
    • US shall guarantee every state republican form of government.

Thus, U.S. promise to people of HI cast in concrete

  • All islands of Hawaii and all areas within state boundaries

will always be governed by the State of Hawaii and subject to the U.S. Constitution

  • All citizens of Hawaii will be entitled to the equal protection of the laws.
  • Government of State will not be re-structured nor territorial integrity diminished without the consent of the people.

Akaka bill would:

  • Cause U.S. to break its word;
  • Condone downsizing State of HI; embrace racial segregation, repugnant to U.S. Constitution;
  • Allow & assist carving out of the State of Hawaii a new sovereign government of, by and for Native Hawaiians;
  • Allow bureaucrats to give away to the new government:
    • lands, resources and other assets now held for all citizens of Hawaii; and
  • territories over which the State now holds governmental power, authority and jurisdiction for the benefit of all citizens of Hawaii;
  • All without consent of citizens of Hawaii.

Magnitude of intended downsizing

  • Native Hawaiians = 20% of population.
  • OHA demands, in addition to billions of dollars, outright ownership of 45% of public lands, including federal military bases & national parks;
  • Native Hawaiians would still retain their full rights as state citizens to share benefits of remaining public lands.

Result: The State of Hawaii would become a shrunken-down, decimated version of what Congress promised; and 80% of its citizens in servitude to new Congressionally-sponsored hereditary elite.

Indian Tribe analogy does not work

  • History does not remotely resemble Indians’.
    • Native Hawaiian people lost no land from the Hawaiian Revolution or annexation;
    • Public lands of Hawaii were held during Kingdom for benefit of all citizens. They still are.
    • US always treated Native Hawaiians as equals, indeed often favored them over others
  • U.S. grants recognition only to groups with long and continuous self-government.
    • Even in Kingdom, no tribe or government existed for Native Hawaiians separate from the government of rest of citizens.
    • There is no “tribe” of Native Hawaiians to be recognized. Congress cannot create tribes out of thin air.

Will your state be next?

  • Enacting the Akaka bill would effectively create a privileged class in America – anyone with an "indigenous" ancestor.
  • If blood alone is sufficient for tribal recognition, why not the millions of Americans with Indian ancestry not now mbrs of tribes? Some 60 tribes from all parts of the country were relocated to Oklahoma in the 1800’s. Why not Chicanos in the southwest? Cajuns in Louisiana?
  • Every state would be at risk. Where does it end? What will become of one nation indivisible?

What to do?

  • Tell Senators, Congresspersons and all within your sphere of influence:
  • It is just plain nuts to go into the most integrated state and reverse course;
  • Everybody should play by the same rules;
  • Hawaii divided against itself cannot stand; Ditto for every state;
  • Say No to the Akaka bill.

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